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Monday, December 26, 2011, 10:13 PM

RSVP here! :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011, 9:25 PM

Hey people!
This are the things to bring for BAND CAMP~

Items to bring:
- Band Shirt x1

- Black Shirt x2

- P.E Shirt x2

- Pants / Culottes x2

- ¾ Pants x1

- Undergarments enough for 2 days.

- School Shoes (No fanciful shoes)

- Slippers / Sandals for bathing.

- White Socks x2

- Toiletries (Tooth Paste, Toothbrush, Towel, Body Soap, Shampoo, ETC)

- Band Materials (Manuscript Book, Notebook, Pencil, File, Method Books)

- Cups

- Concert Attire

-For girls:
Court Shoes

-For boys: Shirt
Long Pants (no skinnies)
Black Socks (no ankle socks)
Black Shoes

*Please ensure that your clothes are sufficient for the camp.

Optional Items:
Sleeping bag
Torch light
Insect repellent

Items not to bring:
- Electronic gadgets (Psp, Handphones, MP3, ETC)
- Snacks
- School Forbidden Items
- Revealing Clothes
*Any of these items caught in possession will be confiscated.

Please report at 8.45am on Friday! IN UNIFORM


Monday, October 17, 2011, 6:18 PM

Hello, band will resume tomorrow. Reporting time 2.45pm in your uniform! Do remember to bring your files, method books and instruments back! And $2 for band fund. See you :)


Saturday, September 3, 2011, 1:15 PM

Hello Band :D,

The next band practice is on Monday 5th September.

Please report in uniform at 8.45.

For those who brought back your instruments and method books, please do remember to bring them back!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 6:56 PM

Hello Band,
Here are the videos for El Capitan & Thunderer.
Please listen to them before Friday :D

See you on Friday!
Report in uniform at 2.15.


Thursday, June 16, 2011, 10:10 PM

Hello! The band break will be coming to an end soon, so here's a few things for you guys to take note of.

Firstly, please be reminded that the next practice will be on 20th June. Reporting time will be 8.45am in Uniform. Please do bring back your instruments and training materials. Oh, not to forget, $10 and the forms for the band camp!!

Secondly, do attend the next few practices! A reminder from Mr Wong.

To the Sec 1s, please bring $15 for your band shirts.

Lastly, for the camp,

Packing List!

- Band Shirts/PE T-shirts

- Shirts (At least 1 dark coloured shirt)

- PE Pants/Cullottes/Pants

- Undergarments

- School shoes and school socks!!

- Sandals/Slippers (for bathing use only)

- Toiletries (towel, body soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste etc)

- Band materials (files, manuscript books, method books, theory worksheets, pencil) *Theory WILL BE conducted. So juniors, please take note :)

- Instrument for those who brought home

- Newspapers (don't ask why JUST BRING)

- Cup!!! (We'll be providing drinks) *If you don't, it'll be 50cents per cup!

*Please ensure your clothes are sufficient for your 2D1N stay in school. Including the Seniors' Farewell party

Optional Items:

- Sleeping bag

- Torch lights

- Insect Repellent

- Jacket

- Pillow/Cushion

Items not to bring, or will be confiscated:

- Electronic gadgets (handphones, iPods etc)

- Snacks (supper will be provided)

- No revealing clothes

*Sec 3 members, report at 6.30am!
The rest of the band, reporting time will be 7.30am

If you have any questions, do leave a message in the tagboard. Or ask the Sec 3s, they'll get to me!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011, 2:12 PM


The band room will be open on Thursday, 9th June. From 10am to 12pm. Please make sure that the seniors and juniors turn up for individual practice or sectionals to sharpen up on the new songs and basics. *Sec 1s, we will be taking your sizes for the band shirt. So please come. And bring $15 along. ***Sec 3 seniors must attend this practice as much as possible to discuss about the camp.

And as you know there's a band camp coming up so please be reminded to pay $10 and get your forms signed ASAP.

Do drop by the band room on Thursday to pass it to me thank you very much (especially the money).

And do text me WITH YOUR NAME (97317182) to let me know if you're vegetarian or allergic to anything :)

& lastly there will be a program on Okto tonight on SYF Central Judging at 10pm! Do watch.

See you soon!

*don't prank call/text me thank you.

Coral Concert Band

You are visitor number:

The band started out in early 2001 under the baton of

Ms Evonne Tham
Ms Chan Hwee Sing
Mr Geoffrey Cheang
Ms Ida Murni
Ms Tan Yi Na
Mdm Sofia Goh

Band major: Coco
Drum major: Sofian
Student Conductors: Hannah; Rachel
Sec 1 i/c: Afiqah; Sam
Treasurer cum Secretary: Bevin; TanYin
QMs: Jinxuan; Malcolm; Jasmine
Librarians: Denise; Geraldine; Eunice
Wardrobe cum Welfare: XueYi; Ameerah

Flute: Denise
Clarinet: Rachel
Saxophone: TanYin
French Horn: Eunice
Trumpet: Afiqah
Lower Brass: Sofian
Euphonium: Jasmine
Tuba: Sofian
Trombone: Joel
Percussion: Sam

Previous Band Committee

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* 10/11

Band major: June
Drum major: JiaEn
Student Conductor: Jolene
Sec 1 i/c: TanYin; Sam
Treasurer cum Secretary: Cassandra
Assistant Treasurer cum Secretary: Bevin
Head QM: Germaine
Assistant QMs: Silvia; Qilong; Rachel; Sam
Librarian: Jewel
Assistant Librarian: Farhah; Coco
Head Wardrobe cum Welfare: Jeleen
Assistant Wardrobe cum Welfare : XueYi

* 09/10

Band major: MingXuan
Drum major: Danial
Junior Band major: June
Junior Drum major: JiaEn
Student Conductor: JiaEn
Treasurer cum Secretary: Mutiara
Assistant Treasurer cum Secretary: Cassandra
Head QM: HuiXiu
Assistant QMs: Amirul; Cassandra; Germaine
Librarian: Khairunnisa
Assistant Librarian:Zhafri; Huiwen
Librarian Advisor: Haixing
Head Wardrobe cum Welfare: Nicholas
Assistant Wardrobe cum Welfare : Jeleen

* 08/09

Band major: Jodie
Drum major: Celestine
Junior Band major: Ming Xuan
Junior Drum major: Mutiara
Student Conductor: Pamela
Assistant Student Conductor: Suhaylah
Treasurer cum Secretary: Renee
Head QM: Brenna
Assistant QMs: Joelle; Huixiu; Nurdiyana
Librarian: Haixing
Assistant Librarian: Khairunnisa
Head Wardrobe cum Welfare: Evangeline
Assistant Wardrobe cum Welfare : Nicholas & Zhafri
Sec 1 theory: Pearl; Pherenice

* 07/08

Band Major: Zarifah
Drum Major: Mostafa
Junior Band Major: Pamela
Junior Drum Major: Celestine
Student Conductor: Rachael
Treasurer cum Secretary cum Welfare: Felicia
Assistant Welfare: YiJie
Assistant Treasurer cum Secretary: Jodie
Head QM: Yvonne
QMs: Brenna; Renee; Simin
Librarian: Haixing
Head Wardrobe: Vivian
Assistant Librarian / Wardrobe: Evangeline

* 06/07

Band Major: Rasyidah
Drum Major: Hansley
Student Conductor: Rasyidah
Assistant Student Conductor: Rachael
Treasurer cum Secretary: Khairiah
Head QM: Zul
QMs: Vinitha; Yvonne; Felicia
Sec 1 I/C: Zarifah
Librarian: Fathiah
Assistant Librarian: Shihui
Wardrobe cum Welfare: Camy

* 05/06

Band Major: Hong Wei
Drum Major: Kenneth
Student Conductor: Frederick
Treasurer cum Secretary: Jia Xuan
Head QM: Dayana
QMs: Mei juan; Illysa; Zul
Sec 1 I/C: Hansley; Wardah
Librarian: Sharafina
Wardrobe: Jocelyn

* 04/05

Band Major: Serene
Drum Major: Chuan Liang
Student Conductor: Shining
Assistant Student Conductor: Frederick
Treasurer cum Secretary: Tisa
Head QM: Sammy
Sec 1 I/c: Firdaus; Xue Jing
Librarian: Michelle; Allison

* 03/04

Band Major: Jufri
Drum Major: DiHui
Student Conductor: Edwina
Assistant Student Conductor: Chuan Liang
Head QM: Chuan Liang
QM: Sammy;
Librarian: Allison; Michelle
Sec 1 I/c: Serene

* 02/03

Band Major: Haidir
Drum Major: Firdaus


Band Practices
1415 - 1830
1415 - 1830
Alternate Monday;
1500 - 1830
*Otherwise stated


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